Evangeline Marie


By now hopefully you read the exciting way our baby girl entered the world. If not check out our previous post.

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Evangeline Marie

Evangeline (pronounced Evangel-ene) – This name is a variation on a Greek word evangel meaning “good news.” This has a special place in our hearts for multiple reasons. One more anecdotal one is that when we found out we were having a girl, it really was good news to us. Both Matt and I have said that we would have been fine only having boys, but the news that we would be blessed with the presence of a little girl in our family was really good news to us. We also took the name from Evangeline Booth. She was the fourth general of the salvation army which began as a movement to share the good news of Jesus and to care for those in need in the late 1800s. She helped move the movement from a merely European presence to a more global presence by moving into the Americas. She was a pretty outspoken woman who was devoted to her God and her mission.

Marie – This name just sounded right, but more importantly, it has family significance. It is a family name for both sides of our family. We did the same thing for Kuyper. We picked a first name of someone who has been influential in our lives and in the larger story of The Gospel and all the work God is doing as well as picked a family name which gives him context for his own story.

Our hope in picking names like this is that our children would feel a connection to something larger than themselves and would see as well that they are a part of a larger and smaller story within our families and beyond. We hope it is a way to foster those connections and for them to learn about people in history.


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